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These are our other Family members. One we greatly enjoy and love.

Stay updated to our new member coming in the spring "Sabbath" half brother to Salem!


Foxie, Salem and his mom Oreo

Foxie, Salem and Oreo in the back

Foxie, Salem and Oreo


Oreo and Foxie



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Foxie ( Arabian / Saddlebred cross) ( My daughter Jamie's horse)

My daughters description of her horse

When I decided to sell my old horse, I went on kijiji looking for a new companion. She was the first horse that was on there for sale. Right when I saw her it was love at first sit, the description described that she had no vices so that day I emailed Andrea. And we talked over MSN for 2 days before I decided to call her. We had decided that Saturday I would go see her. And man was she ever more pretty up close then in pictures. When I rode her it was nothing like Reds (My old horse) lazy canters. She did not fall in a air hole. And she did not trip over her hooves. She was the best horse that I have owned. If she does not want to do something all I have to do is ask her 2 or more times and she does it. She does not spook easily and she is awesome under saddle. And I call her my little pocket-pony, even though you can see that she is far from a pony but that does not change her thoughts. Every time I go and see her I always get a big sloppy kiss from her. Yes she loves licking people. I never discovered it until a couple weeks after I brought her home.


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Salem1 may 2008.jpg (69633 bytes)Salem1 Augest 2006.JPG (31498 bytes)Salem Augest 2006.JPG (31933 bytes)Salem jan2009.JPG (39553 bytes)Salem September 2007.JPG (89316 bytes)


Salem born and raised on our property is a lively boy, I look forward to when he is broke to ride.

Oreo and Salem 1 Day old

Salem and his mom Oreo on the run!